IFOAM Asia Projects and Activities

Asian Local Governments for Organic Agriculture

One of the most successful projects of IFOAM Asia is the Asian Local Governments for Organic Agriculture (ALGOA). The Project consists of an Annual ALGOA Summit of local government leaders and the ALGOA Organic Foundation Course (OFC), participated by government officials from 18 countries in Asia. Over a hundred people have received training under the OFC in Korea, Japan, China and Kyrgyzstan.

The Organic Youth Forum is another unique project of IFOAM Asia as the youth are the future leaders in the organic sector and recognized for their innovations and creativity. There are over a hundred members of the Forum in Asia and study tours to foreign organic sites and organic trainings, “Meetings with Organic Pioneers”, etc are organized to realize the goals of the Forum.

Organic Youth Forum

Organic Asia Congress (OAC)

An annual Organic Asia Congress (OAC) brings forth the local governments and the organic sector together in different countries in Asia to discuss the major trends in organic agriculture and to discuss ways to move the sector forward.

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