The Asian Local Governments for Organic Agriculture (ALGOA), a daughter organization of IFOAM Asia, released 8 Books for 2020, including a 5 Book Series from the Global Alliance for Organic Districts (GAOD):

The 6th ALGOA Proceedings is a book containing the proceedings from the 6th ALGOA Summit last October 22nd-26th, 2020.

The ALGOA 5 Year Book contains ALGOA’s short history, including all its events for the past 5 years.

The ALGOA OFC Reader is a reader-friendly book for those who want to learn organic agriculture in a clear and simple context. It is the book that is being used for the annual ALGOA Organic Foundation Course.

The Global Alliance for Organic Districts (GAOD) Book Series contains 5 books covering various topics, including reports from the GAOD Working Groups during the 6th ALGOA Summit.

GAOD Book 1: Introductory Phase – Pathways for Cooperation and Best Practices of ALGOA Members

GAOD Book 2: Covid-19 and Organic Agriculture,  Organic food consumption – a step forward for sustainability

GAOD Book 3: Work Group Reports from Organic Districts’ Integrated Management, Communication and Youth in Organic Agriculture

GAOD Book 4: Work Group Reports from Tourism & Gastronomy, Food Processing and Best Practices of Organic Food Systems

GAOD Book 5: Work Group Reports from Regenerative/Organic Farming, Social Issues and Best Practices from the Five Continents