Goesan County, South Korea – IFOAM-Organics Asia held its 5th General Assembly (GA) virtually in Goesan County, South Korea on October 25th, 2021, from 14:00 – 17:00 Korean Standard Time.

Zhou Zejiang, Outgoing President of IFOAM-Organics Asia, formally welcomed the Opening of the GA which was attended by 85% of the members of IFOAM-Organics Asia. A Report on the Work Progress and Financial Report of IFOAM-Organics Asia from 2019 – 2021, the Appointments of the Internal Auditors, Amendments of the Working Methods and Approval of the Work and Budget Plan for 2021 -2024 were discussed during the GA.

One of the highlights of the GA was the Election of the Board Members. There were 9 board candidates from 8 countries representing the different regions of Asia. The following are the new Board Members of IFOAM-Organics Asia who will serve from 2021 – 2024:

  •  President:                           Mathew John – Keystone Foundation, India
  •  1st Vice President:            Edgardo Uychiat – NISARD, Philippines
  •  2nd Vice President:           JiYoung Moon- Hansalim, South Korea
  •  Board Members:              Qiao Yuhui – China Agriculture University                                                                                                               Zhang Tingtin – Organic and Beyond, China                                                                                                             Asan Alymkulov – BIO-KG, Kyrgyzstan                                                                                                                       Yumiko Fukui – PLUSLIGION, Japan

A special recognition session was given to individuals and organizations who have been instrumental in the growth of IFOAM-Organics Asia: Zhou Zejiang – China, “Mag” Chin Huei Wen – Taiwan, Shinji Hashimoto – Japan and Indonesia Organic Alliance.

Finally, a special tribute was given to IFOAM-Organics Asia outgoing President, Zhou Zejiang, who has served the Board for 3 terms since 2015.