The 3rd GAOD Summit Registration (A Pre-Summit Event Part 2)

July 11th, 2022, 09:00am CET / 16:00 Korean Time (WG 4 – 7)

The 8th ALGOA Summit will be held on July 18th – 19th, 2022 physically in Goesan County, South Korea.

Prior to the ALGOA Summit, there will be a Pre-Summit event, the 3rd GAOD Summit which will be held virtually. Participants, who will be grouped according to their chosen Working Group Number (WG) will be discussing activities, plans according to their WG. If you are already a member of the WG before, kindly choose the same number. A description of the WGs are given after the registration form.

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Global Alliance for Organic Districts – Work Groups 4 – 7 Description

Setting up different Work Groups (WGs) reflecting the topics involved in Organic Districts management is our core organizational measure to facilitate and support concrete actions. Each WG has participants from the GAOD Partner Meetings. It is also recommended that, when possible, similar WGs are established at the level of each Organic District for local involvement and actions. Hence the organization structure includes two levels: GAOD General Work Groups and GAOD Local Work Groups.

Seven Work Groups (WGs) have been defined. Within each Work Group the participants will develop initiatives focused on different stages of knowledge production, dissemination and application.


WG 4:  Food: Processing – Distribution- Consumption. Food and nutrition security quality and health

Objectives of the Work Group: Support the Organic Districts in the development of activities related to the start-up, management and organization of activities supporting the different stages following the farming activity. The differentiation of the Organic District economic system, by adding sustainable and locally based Food Processing – Distribution- Consumption activities will contribute to the territorial economic development; the support to a sustainable model of agriculture and food production, provided by this WG, will also involve social and environmental  benefits in terms of food quality and  health for the communities and other external actors, such as tourists, consumers outside the Organic District.

WG 5:  Social issues. Social agriculture – communities’ enforcement – urban-rural relations

Objectives of the Work Group: Support the Organic Districts in the development of activities related to the start-up, management and organization of activities related to the improvement of the social conditions of the Eco-region Communities. This involves the strengthening of the community bonds, the creation of a virtuous cycle linking the urban and rural areas where the Eco-Region insist. By facilitating exchanges of ideas, experiences and simply increasing the level of mutual knowledge among people living in urban and rural areas, a mutual benefit for the communities will be provided. Integrating socially fragile and marginalized people within inclusive Eco-Region communities is also another area of intervention this WG will consider in its activities.

Generally, Organic Districts are in rural areas and their main activities are related to agriculture.  They supply the local population but also to the population living in cities. Seen in the perspective of the need for an integrated food system approach for healthy and environmentally friendly dietary patterns, this opens up for developing new rural-urban linkages to provide more and better jobs for youth in agriculture and food systems and in general, a potential for the revitalization of rural areas.

WG 6: Communication

Objectives of the Work Group: Collect, organize and distribute all the relevant information related to the Organic Districts activity with the aim of promoting their development in relation to the relevant stakeholders (public, private and civil society organizations) including the general public.  Another relevant aspect related to this WG is the communication among the members of Organic Districts not only supporting the management but increasing the awareness and pride of being part of an Organic Districts. This plays an important role in increasing trust, collaboration and commitment within and Between the Organic Districts communities. The WG communication plays a strategic role for the GAOD success.

WG 7: Youth and organic agriculture (ref “Young Organics Global Network)

Objectives of the Work Group: valorize the role of Young members as carriers of innovative ideas bring together young leaders to create a more sustainable world for themselves and for the future generation. This group will work towards being the voice of the young people in organic and sustainable agriculture sector, ensuring that the pivotal roles of the young people are recognized in the policy and decision-making processes to address their complex and multifaceted needs. This is a platform connecting young people in sustainable agriculture sector, leading young people from sustainable agriculture sectors to participate proactively in the organic movement.  valorize the role of Young members as carriers of innovative ideas.

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