Selina Gan, Malaysia



Selina got her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Masters of Real Estate Development at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, USA. In 1999, she founded and build up Malaysian organic brand, ‘Country Farm Organics’ from scratch, importing and distributing organic food products to households and later to supermarkets.  Today Country Farm is a leading organic brand and player in Malaysia. In 2014, she founded Opika Organic – a 4,400 sq ft organic retail cum restaurant showcase outlet in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, distributing organic products to major supermarkets and pharmacy chains throughout Malaysia as well as overseas.

Selina is a prominent and very experienced organic entrepreneur in the Malaysian organic industry.  She is a pioneer organic brand builder and market enabler. She spearheaded organic products into Malaysian supermarkets and attracted corporate investment into the Malaysian organic industry with the sale of Country Farm Organics to the Berjaya Group Berhad in April 2014.  She now operates a showcase retail cum restaurant outlet and distributes Opika brand organic products in Malaysia as well as export to Singapore and China.

She is frequently featured in local and international health food magazines and guest speaker in many international organic/natural food related seminars and conferences.  She is passionate about organics and fervently believes healthy food and environmentally friendly products is the business of the future and that demand for healthy organics has reached a tipping point for a major industry take-off in the region.