Satoko Miyoshi, IFOAM Asia Vice President (Japan)

Satoko Miyoshi, IFOAM Asia Vice President (Japan)

Representative for Global Organic Textile Standard Japan (GOTS Japan)

Miyoshi has been involved with IFOAM since she was a student. She worked for a certification body for organic food, helping farmers and facilities to get organic certification. She was actively engaged in the organic movement, which resulted to the establishment of the Organic Agriculture Promotion Law in Japan in 2006.

She is currently active as a GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Representative in Japan, and also as advisor of Japan Organic Cotton Association.

Miyoshi serves to support and promote organic agriculture, organic foods and products for sustainable lifestyles. She is involved in different committees for a variety of events such as organic expo, international conferences, among others. She is also an adviser to the government to promote organic agriculture.

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