Congratulations on being part of IFOAM Asia’s Organic Youth Forum. Here, you will find all alumni of the Organic Youth Forum, which is now on its 5th run.

The 1st Organic Youth Forum was held in Changzhou, China in 2016. The 2nd was held in Shanghai, China. The OYF then went all the way to the southern part of the Philippines in Bislig for the 4th Organic Youth Forum. Then the OYF headed to Taipei City, Taiwan before it came halfway across Asia in Nagaland, India.

Please use this platform to connect with your former OYF colleagues, and at the same time, network and get to know the other alumni of the youth forum. Also in this platform are members of the ALGOA Organic Foundation Course and other friends of IFOAM Asia.

For any questions or inquiries, please give me a direct message here.