The 5th ALGOA+4 International Summit on Organic Agriculture was held last 18th – 20th September, 2019 in Goesan County, South Korea. Distinguished scholars, leaders, researchers and experts from all over the world graced the 3-day event and shared their knowledge with the rest of the 100 international delegates.

The presentations are now available for download.

Session 1: Policies for transformational change in agriculture (Moderator: Louise Luttikholt, Executive Director, IFOAM -Organics International)

1) Frank Eyhorn, Vice-President, IFOAM-Organics International: “Coherent policies driving sustainability in agriculture”                                                                                                                                                                    Download:  1 Korea_CoherentPolicies_Eyhorn

2) André Leu, International Director, Regeneration International, Ambassador, IFOAM – Organics International: “Why policy change is urgently needed: The role of organic and like-minded farming systems in providing solutions for global problems”                                                                                                                                          Download: 2 Andre Leu Why policy change is urgently needed Korea 2019

3) Nicanor Perlas, Philippines: “What is needed for transformational change to happen?” 2003 Recipient of the Right Livelihood Award . Watch here:

Panel discussion: Overcoming barriers to transformational change

Session 2: Government Policies in Support of Organic Agriculture (Moderator: Mathew John, Director, Keystone Foundation)

1) Europe: Paul Holmbeck, Organic Denmark, Future Policy Silver Award 2018 “National and local organic policies driving organic breakthroughs in Denmark”                                                                                                                              Download: 1 Paul Holmbeck SouthKorea_2019_ph

2) Africa: David Amudavi, Biovision Africa Trust / Ecological Organic Agriculture Initiative of the African Union – to follow

3) Pacific Islands: Karen Mapusua, Operations Manager Land resource Division, Pacific Community, IFOAM – World Board                                                                                                                                                                    Download: 3 Karen Mapusua PacificOrganicPolicy

Session 3: Best Practices of Local Government Initiatives in Korea (Moderator: Zhou Zejiang, President, IFOAM Asia)

1) ALGOA: Lee Cha Yong, Mayor of Goesan County; Download: 1 Organic Agriculture of Goesan(2019) – Mayor lee

2) Lee Seung Bok, Director of the Environmentally-Friendly Agriculture Division, Hongseong Agriculture Extension Center, Hongseong County                                                                                                                                            Download: 2 Environmentally-Friendly Agriculture in HONGSEONG

3) Nakhyun Choi, Director of Environmentally-friendly Agriculture Dept, Ministry of Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs “Pregnant Women and New Mothers in South Korea”                                                                              Download: 3 ALGOA 발표자료_Choi Nakhyun

4) Dong Geun Choi, Korea Check-off Board, “Check-off Funds of Korea”                                                           Download: 4 Dong Geun Choi Check Off Funds

Session 4: What governments can do to drive change (Moderator: Shaikh Tanveer Hossain, APO, Japan)

1) Pierre Ferrand, FAO Asia and Pacific: “Policies for Scaling Up Agroecology”                                                      Download:  Pierre Ferrand Policies for Scaling up AE_Sept19_V2

2) Patricia Flores, IFOAM Latin America Representative;                                                                                        Download: Latin America Organic Agriculture & Public Policies

Session 5: Ways forward in working for better policies (Moderator: Mrs. Miyoshi Satoko, Vice-President, IFOAM Asia)

1) Eduardo Cuoco, Executive Director, IFOAM EU “Advocating for organic policies in the EU”                      Download: IFOAM EU – Making Europe More Organic

2) Victoriano Ihong Tagupa, Executive Director, LOAMCP-PH, “How local governments influence policy-making” Download: 2 ALGOA LOAMCP

3) Louise Luttikholt, Executive Director, IFOAM – Organics International “Facilitating peer-to-peer exchange among policy makers”                                                                                                                                                                      Download: Facilitating Peer-to-Peer Exchange among Policy Makers

International Summit on Organic Food Systems

OFSP as a Core Initiative of UN-SFSP: a midterm status: Carola Strassner (University of Munster) describing the leading research; Jostein Hertwig (BERAS) describing OFSP engagement in actual practice.                                            Download: The Organic Food System Programme Intro Strassner and Hertwig

Keynote: André Leu, International Director of Regeneration International “Organic 3.0 to Regenerative Agriculture: The connection between regenerative agriculture and organic/sustainable food system approaches”                          Download: Leu The connection between regenerative agriculture&organicsustainable food system approaches

OFS as models for food system transformation (Moderator: David Gould, FoodChain ID)

The role of OFS key actors (45 min total)

Food system transformation (Moderator: Jostein Hertwig (BERAS)

Part I – The role of OFS in practice: network models

  • Salvatore Basile for INNER network with focus on Eco-regions in Europe and Northern Africa                                    Download:
  • Victoriano Ihong Tagupa for Relevance of ALGOA in the Food Systems Transformation: The New Life of Innovations and Systems Thinking as Foundations to Escape Poverty and Hunger in Asia (To follow)
  • Joy Carrey for Milano Urban Food Network (international) – (To follow)

Part II – OFS in practice: individual case models

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