The date for the IFOAM Asia General Assembly has been changed, from October 11th to October 25th. Please read the letter coming from the President of IFOAM Asia, Mr Zhou Zejiang below.

Dear IFOAM Asia Members, Organic Friends,

This is to announce that a new date has been scheduled for the IFOAM Asia General Assembly. The date is changed from Oct 11th, 2021 to Oct 25th, 2021, to exactly two weeks later. The new date has been decided as the original GA date of Oct 11th is a public holiday in South Korea.

A recent legislation in South Korea makes Monday a holiday if any legal public holiday fall on the weekends. On Oct 9th, South Korea celebrates its Hangul (Korean Language) Day, on a Saturday and so the following Monday automatically becomes a holiday.

The legislation was passed recently after we had already announced the date of our GA.

The IFOAM Asia General Assembly will be a hybrid event with local IFOAM Asia members participation in-person.

We look forward to your participation in the upcoming GA.

Organically Yours,




Zhou Zejiang

IFOAM Asia President