The 3rd Organic Asia Congress was a great success! More than 2000 organic practitioners, scholars and researchers witnessed 3 days of extensive organic agriculture – themed presentations from different parts of Asia on September 18 – 21, 2018 at the Bislig City Cultural and Sports Center.

The 6th Asian Organic Rice Conference was held on September 18th, while the 3rd Organic Asia Congress and OFIA Summit were held on the 20th and 21st respectively.

Copy of the presentations are already available!

September 18, 2018 – 6th Asian Organic Rice Conference

Plenary Session

  1. Jin Liandeng (China) “Characteristics, practices and innovations of organic rice agriculture in Developing China”
  2. Kyong–Ju Choi (South Korea) “Low-cost Organic Cultivation Status and Development Strategy of Rice in Korea”
  3. Myla Fe Gallego Pinuela (Philippines) “ #IAmHampasLupa: A Young Farmer ’s Story on Semi-Mechanized Non-Chemical Black Rice Farming, Processing and Marketing in Pototan Iloilo, Philippines”
  4. Ayumi Matsuura (Cambodia)“ Forest Rice farming and Contract Farming in Preah Vihear Province”
  5. Mitsukuni Inaba (Japan)“Technology and Enriched biodiversity, organically managed agriculture”
  6. Youngsang Cho (South Korea) “JADAM Natural Pesticide Solution creates Innovation in Organic Agriculture”
  7. Nicasio F. Engallado (Philippines) “A Million Pesos for a Hectare of Organic Rice”

Parallel Sessions Track 1 held at Bislig City Cultural and Sports Center

  1.  Liu Guanghua (China)“Biodiversity Conservation and Ecological Control Measures of Rice Pests in Organic Rice Paddy in China”
  2. Diego dela Cruz, AgroEco Philippines (Philippines) “Delayed Transplanting of Aged Farmer-bred Rice Seedlings Cause no Significant Yield Reduction”
  3. Wu Shuye (China) “Application of soil cultivation methods and fertilization techniques in paddy field of organic rice production in China”
  4. Song Yuanyuan (China)“Research and development on intensive processing of organic rice foods in China”

Parallel Sessions Track 2 held at ABC Hall, Bislig City

  1. Marilou B. Agaid (Philippines) “Rice-Muscovy duck farming system: a Friendly technology and a Business Opportunity”
  2. Xie Tongzhou (China) “Technical application and innovation suited to local conditions on Rice and duck co-cropping by organic rice farmers in China”
  3. Takao Furuno (Japan) “Simple and Easy Interplant Weeding with the Appropriate Technology of Hawking” Part 1
  4. Takao Furuno (Japan) “Simple and Easy Interplant Weeding with the Appropriate Technology of Hawking” Part 2
  5. Yang Yinge (China) “Protection and inheritance of ancient primary seeds by Chinese organic rice farmers”

September 20 – 3rd Organic Asia Congress Day 1 – Sustainability Plenary Session 1

  1. A.K. Yadav (India) “Converting Eight North Eastern States of India as Hub for Commercial Organic Farming in the Value Chain Mode”
  2. Joy Daniel (India)“Sustaining organic agriculture based livelihoods in a changing climate”
  3. Hui-Jung Chen (Taiwan) “Connecting Farmers, Consumers, and Communities in New Taipei City”
  4. Ayumi Matsuura (Cambodia) “Women’s role in Svay Rieng Agro-Products Cooperative to supply organic vegetable in Cambodia”
  5. Jayaram (India) The Green Path

September 20 – 3rd Organic Asia Congress Day 1 – Sustainability Plenary Session 2

  1. Yu-Chun Chan (Taiwan) “Farmers and Nature Conservation ~A New Perspective in Coexisting with Wildlife to Promote Sustainable Agriculture”
  2. Anthoniselvi Savarimuthu (India) “Akshayakalpa Approach to Organic Dairy”
  3. Choi Jong-bok (South Korea) “Environmentally-friendly Local Agriculture with Resource Circulation in Asan
  4. Chi Yen Lo (Taiwan) “An Integrated Approach for Sustainable Development of Taiwan’s Bunun Tribe”
  5. Srijan Kishore (India) “Need and Role of Nutrition towards Gender Equality: A participative model for inclusion and development of women in India”

Special Session: Roy Sabyasachi (India) The New Revolution in India – Sundarban pattern of Organic Women Cooperative”

Main Conference Day 2 on Innovations: The Organic Farming Innovation Award (OFIA) Summit

  1. Keynote Speech “ Scaling up the Adoption of Organic Farming Innovations: The Philippines Context“ Dr Ted Mendoza (Philippines, Professor, College of Agriculture and Food Sciences, UP Los Banos)
  2. Father Hubby Mathew (India) “Farmer Innovations at PDS Spices”
  3. Ajit Mathai (India) “AHOPE: A Mobile Application for Homesteads”
  4. David Gould (USA) “True Cost Accounting: Innovations”
  5. Leo Y. Fuentes Jr. (Philippines) “LALAPUNG Traditional Seed Storage of Lumads in Arakan Valley Philippines”
  6. Khurshid Alam “Consumers Perception about Organic Food in Bangladesh”
  7. Virginia Llorin (Philippines) “Sprouting from Disaster: Institutionalizing Farmer to Farmer Ecological Seed Response for Sustainable and Ecological Seed and Food System in the Philippines”
  8. Jashim Uddin (Bangladesh) “Identification of vulnerable sites for the adoption of organic farming using Geo-spatial technologies in Bangladesh”