The IFOAM Asia General Assembly and Board Elections will be on October 11th. IFOAM Asia is seeking for dedicated persons who can serve on the Nomination Committee of the board elections.

The purpose of the Nomination Committee is to:

  • Look for potential IFOAM Asia board candidates from Asia and Central Asia,
  • Evaluate potential board candidates and see to it that the candidates meet the election requirements.

The Committee shall be composed of 5 persons from the organic sector in Asia:

  • Geographical distribution shall be considered in the selection of the Committee members such as representation from the different regions in Asia.
  • A chairperson shall be elected among the committee members.

The Committee shall operate until two months before the GA. The term ends with the deadline of the submission of candidature statements by the potential candidates.

The Committee shall meet no more than 5 times through virtual meetings from its formation. The work done by the committee is on a voluntary basis.

Please download the form: Nomination Committee Application Form

and send your application to:

Jennifer Chang (Executive Director)