Asan Alymkulov (Kyrgyzstan)

In spite of my economy and philological background, I have been involved in organic agriculture more than 15 years ago. I have started my organic journey from Public Fund Bio Service as a translator. After a year of involved work, I was trained to a consultant. In 2014 was invited to join BIO-KG Federation of Organic Development team, the main work of which is to lobby organic agriculture in the country, promote it with practical implementation of organic agriculture in organic aymaks (villages).

As an alumni of ALGOA Organic Leadership Course (2016) jointly with OLC groupmates initiated Organic Youth Forum, which unites youth all over the world under organic umbrella. In Philippines during Asian Organic Congress was awarded as Organic Youth Ambassador.

The project under my coordination – Organic Aymaks – was awarded Organic Medal of Honor (2021, IFOAM Asia) and won the Equator Initiative Prize as a best model of sustainable development of rural communities (2021).
I work closely with farmers and communities in organic aymaks, as well as actively participate in lobbying and promotional campaigns with BIO-KG FOD team.

In the IFOAM Asia Board I will focus on following issues, which I consider, to be obstacles in further promotion of organic agriculture:

  • Promoting youth engagement and employment in agriculture/ making agriculture attractive for the youth;
  • Search/reveal for models/practices of land and resource access and redistribution that best support young people to engage in food systems/sustainable food production;
  • Integrating traditional practices with modern innovations such as apps, e-payment, etc. Need to raise awareness of the employment opportunities that the sector can offer to young men and women. Youth should be able to understand that agriculture can be a profitable business. For instance, services and input provisions could be a profitable business for youth.

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