Zhang Tingting (China)

I graduated from China Agricultural University in Agricultural Engineering and China Global Philanthropy Institute in Charity Management and obtained an EMBA from China Europe International Business School (CEIBS). In 2017, I received a scholarship to study philanthropy leadership at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and study English at Georgetown University in 2018.

Thirty years ago, my father moved from a coal miner to run a 10-hectare traditional farm in his hometown, where he grew grain, fruits, vegetables, and tobacco. So when I was young, I really liked everything on the farm. On the farm, nature and life are integrated. The farm maintains a very friendly relationship with the farmers in the local community. So I chose to study at China Agricultural University.

In 2004, I came into contact with organic agriculture. I worked as an intern at an organic certification consulting agency. At that time, Chinese organic standards had not yet been issued. Many people wanted to do organic but didn’t know how to do it. So we first opened organic training classes in colleges and universities, and trained college students. At the local level, the training of township chiefs, agricultural chiefs, and village chiefs helped several counties with good natural conditions, such as Henan province and Shanxi province, realize organic counties.

In 2007, I joined an organic entrepreneurial team, Organic and Beyond Corporation (hereinafter OABC). One-third of the team’s colleagues come from various agriculture related colleges and universities. Organic is our common sense. After 15 years of development, OABC has established long-term cooperation with more than 30 organic farms in 13 countries, Colombian organic coffee farm, Japanese organic rice farm, Danish organic dairy farm, Chinese organic tea farm etc. Through the guidance of OABC standards and the platform of OABC gift cards, these excellent organic farm products are offered to Chinese customers. On the other end, OABC customers come from various influential corporate groups. OABC team tells the story of organic, shares the concepts of environmental friendliness, fair trade, and animal welfare behind organic, and supports these influential organizations to share gifts while sharing organic and sustainable ideas with their customers, family, friends, and establishing a positive cycle of sustainable sharing.

In 2012, because of the passion for the industry, dozens of OABC partners were organized to establish the OABC Organic Agriculture Fund. As a volunteer, I devoted my professional knowledge to industry promotion, organized a number of industry salons, translated “World Organic Agriculture Development Trends and Forecasts” for 11 consecutive years, and edited “Organic Agriculture in China”. It has established good relationships with IFOAM, FIBL, China’s organic regulatory agencies, certification agencies, CSA, PGS, Agricultural University and other research institutions, and organic companies. At the same time, through cooperation with international organizations such as WWF, UNEP, FAO, and local environmental protection organizations in China, we will promote the development of the organic industry in China. In 2021, volunteers are organized to compile a report “Under Carbon Neutral: Organic Agriculture”.

2021 is an extraordinary year. The global epidemic has not been completely contained , extreme weather occurs frequently, and many people and companies are in trouble. But it was also a year full of opportunities. China takes carbon neutrality as a national strategy, and organic agriculture as a practitioner of agricultural carbon neutrality is an important solution. Now the market and many policy makers have not seen that we need to unite the forces of the world, Asia, and everyone to speak together. It is hoped that stakeholders from all walks of life can realize the ecological value of organic, increase technological innovation research and government investment, enhance market guidance, support the development of the industry and the sustainable ecology of the earth.

I am determined to be a member of the IFOAM Asia Board, voice out on behalf of Chinese organic and Asian organic. Please support me!

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