Yumiko Fukui (Japan)

I started the company “PLUSLIGION” in 2008, to support people with disabilities. One of successful example is onion caramelize, processing organic onion PWDA. This product is supporting organic farmers as well as people who have difficulty to work by create diversified working environment. With this experience of creating jobs and workplaces for PWDA by using organic produces, I have advised more than 100 farmers as an advisor appointed by Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries of Japan. In 2013, PLUSLIGION received Universal Social Award by the governor of Hyogo prefecture.

I am supporting and promoting Organic Agriculture by serving as an organic inspector, also a committee member of Creative Design City Kobe and Council for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Policy of Hyogo prefecture. I advised Hyogo prefecture to include promotion of Organic Agriculture in its 2030 vision and SDGs action.

I attended to the 4th of ALGOA (Asian Local Governments for Organic Agriculture) Summit in Korea, 2018.
I attended to the 2nd Malaysian Organic Conference, 2019.
I finished OFC (Organic Foundation Course) and elected as a representative of trainees to give message for the mayor of Goesan, Korea, 2020.
I join and share knowledges in the WOAA(Women for Organic Agriculture in Asia)since 2021.

Candidate statement for IFOAM Asia Board

My first experience with IFOAM Organic Asia was the 4th ALGOA (Asian Local Governments for Organic Agriculture) Summit in Korea, 2018. Before that, I had learned about IFOAM Organics International and impressed by its work especially the idea of Organic 3.0. I had deep empathy and so I had started to promote Organic 3.0 in Japan. I had attended to the 2nd Malaysian Organic Conference 2019. Following year, I finished Organic Foundation Course 2020. I was elected as a representative of trainees to give message for the mayor of Goesan.

My involvement to IFOAM Organics Asia continues, now I join the Women for Organic Agriculture in Asia (WOAA) and enjoy sharing knowledges. I will keep supporting this as an expert of “diversity”. I believe my experience of creating opportunity for diverse people can also apply to women, youth and other people with difficulties. Early this year, myself with my company had moved from Kobe city to Tamba, a small farming village in Hyogo prefecture. Now I run “ORGANIC HOUSE” as a hub to connects rural and cities, Japan to abroad, farmers and consumers, online and real. My knowledge of organic processing, organic inspection, finding jobs for PWDA are all come from connecting opposite. My role as a board member will be connecting different sectors.

I hope my specialty to support farmers with processing knowledge will be useful thus helpful for other Asian regions.

Finally, with my network to Universities in Japan will help to recruit young people to IFOAM Asia activities, especially OFC and YOGN. I am confident about the benefits of future generation will receive from being a part of IFOAM Asia. I will work on connecting Japan to other Asian countries, and Pioneer to new commers

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