Jiyoung Moon (South Korea)

Hello, this is Jiyoung Moon and I am working for Hansalim Cooperative Federation since 2011, so I have been working for 10 years this year.

Hansalim is a cooperative created by producers and consumers to expand organic agriculture in Korea. The reason why Hansalim, which started to save the soil and the environment through organic farming, and to take responsibility for people’s healthy food, has been able to continue until now is because producers and consumers cooperated as the same stakeholder. Sustainability of production was realized through guarantee of reasonable production cost, and sustainability of consumption was realized through reasonable pricing. Because production and consumption are linked, consumers can buy organic food at reasonable prices while organic producers received fair price. This further strengthened mutual trust and transparency between producers and consumers. Hansalim has created Korea’s eco-friendly organic agriculture, and as a model of movement, it inspired many groups in other countries as well.

Because Hansalim prioritizes production and consumption in Korea, there were not many exchanges or communication with foreign countries. However, with the 2014 One World Award Gold Award, Hansalim has become a part of the global organic movement and is currently dreaming of global prosperity in organic agriculture by exchanging with many countries. My activities in Hansalim for the past 10 years have been the same. As a person in charge of international solidarity to promote Hansalim, I introduced Hansalim to the organic agriculture and cooperative movement sectors, and could communicate and exchange with many countries and created a network. Meeting with various groups was a valuable experience both personally and organizationally in Hansalim. As a director of IFOAM Asia, I would like to expand this experience and contribute to strengthening the organic movement in Asia.

In the era of climate crisis and pandemic, organic agriculture is being talked as an alternative. But it’s also becoming unstable due to changes in production environment and consumption patterns. Various approaches are required for organic agriculture to be sustainable in the face of instability. In order to respond, people in all areas(production, distribution, comsuption, pubic and etc) must go beyond the simple food supply chain and participate in the food system for the stable production of healthy food. I am currently working with Hansalim consumer members to create community activities that can overcome the conventional food system and restore the food dignity through stable production of healthy food and organic farming. I think that Korea’s experience can contribute to the Asian organic movement. Based on Hansalim’s experience, I hope that organic agriuculture can take the lead in helping consumers as a co-producer to expand organic farming and creating a good publicity which no one is discriminated against.

My experience in the organic movement is a short period of 10 years, but this means that I have a lot of time left to contribute to the organic movement in the future. By serving as a director of IFOAM Asia, I hope to have a broader perspective and momentum to create the future organic movement.

Thank you.

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